EnRHEd programme in action: Mobility, teaching and research for teaching delegation from Rwanda


In May, some Rwandan lecturers arrived at UNIPR and will stay in Italy for four weeks to carry out various research and teaching activities together with their Italian colleagues

Professors from the University of Rwanda, INES and IPRC-Musanze are divided into two expert groups: an expert group in the field of engineering, including hydraulics, and an expert group in food processing and techniques. They were warmly welcomed by the Italian correspondents, who from the very beginning involved them in the daily activities on the UNIPR campus and introduced them to the research groups engaged in the various disciplines..

On 15 May, the delegation of Rwandan professors visiting UNIPR was welcomed by the Head of UNPR's Internationalisation Division, Dr. Alessandro Bernazzoli, to learn more about the internationalisation activities that UNIPR is carrying out worldwide. In addition, a brief introduction was made to the role that the European Commission plays in the European Union in the field of international mobility and grants, also explaining the relevance in the financial support of the EnRHEd project.