*In the photo professor Nadia Monacelli, director of CUCI, Eugene Rutembesa of the University of Rwanda and Dr. Cavallini, professor at the DUSIC Department, engaged in one of the last actions envisaged by the Erasmus Mobility Program KA107.


Professor Nadia Monacelli, director of CUCI, is successfully carrying out this international mission with an academic aim. “These days we have lived in Rwanda confirm the spirit of these projects promoted by highlighting the reciprocity of the processes of construction of knowledge and know how”.


The Erasmus Mobility Program KA107, supported by the European community and now in its final phase, has so far allowed the mobility of more than 20 people, including students and teachers of Pharmacy, Pediatrics and Psychology, both from the University of Parma and from the Rwandan universities who participated in this international cooperation project.

With this international mobility, Rwandan students of these disciplines can learn new techniques in their education process, strengthening the curriculum. Meanwhile, the exchange between Rwandan teachers with UNIPR teachers has promoted the sharing of pedagogical experiences, as well as offering the basis for the development of research projects at the master’s and doctoral level.

The last phase of this international mobility program foresees the arrival of a delegation of pharmacists and pediatricians from the University of Parma in Rwanda. “Then we must commit ourselves to building a new project involving universities and local entities to promote knowledge exchanges at 360 degrees”, concludes prof. Monacelli, director of CUCI.