Founding Principles


The CUCI, established as a research centre in 2005, bases its activities on the involvement and interconnection of various scientific and technical competences present in the Departments of the University of Parma.  The CUCI helps to mobilise these competences in various cooperation projects, promoting the exchange of knowledge and the development of new skills. Moreover, by encouraging and supporting the mobility of students and lecturers, CUCI activities contribute to strengthening the internationalisation process of the University. The work carried out by the CUCI similarly contributes to consolidating relations with various international partners, making it possible to plan joint research activities.



The establishment of CUCI (University Center for International Cooperation) is based on the conviction, shared by its founders, that university education cannot be limited to the encyclopaedic accumulation of knowledge. The Academy has a duty to train citizens of the world and for the world, i.e. people capable of putting the knowledge they have acquired at the disposal of the entire human community, with respect for the dignity of the men and women of today and tomorrow. In this perspective, the international cooperation promoted by the CUCI aims to establish equal (win-win) exchanges with partners who, due to historical and geopolitical conditions, have been or are in a highly disadvantaged position in terms of resources and development potential.